Sunday, July 10, 2016

Today: A Photo Essay

I was feeling a bit sad about my writing this morning and where I want it to go. So to shake off my blues, I got up and went on a walkabout. I knew I wanted to go to a bookstore and I also knew which bookstore. I began walking in Gayrettepe and was deep in my thoughts, asking for signs. I was thinking to myself, I just need to know where I want to go and think positively. Sure enough. (Graffiti translation: Ok. God willing.)
And when I got to the bookstore, Oscar Wilde and Orhan Pamuk. Two great tastes that taste great together.
In I went.
Bookety book books.
Contrary to my recent experience, I got this.
But this is the one meant for me.
People, lemon meringue pie!!
And coffee wisdom.
Turkish books, but really it was the look in his eye.
Dior, Avedon, Alba
My essay, Suited. (Pardon, I need a saucer that matches my file folder and can the tea match the table? Thanks so much!)
The check came in One Hundred Years of Solitude.
I was entertained everywhere.
And more tiles. (Actually, this is going to be the cover of my book, In Another Norway.)
I'm way too lazy to line these up, so there you go.

Going down...Coming up.
John Fante!
Oh, Istanbul!
Beşiktaş, just kidding.
Say it with me, everybody, Gümüşsuyu. (Silverwater)
My hill, my tree.
My love of tomatoes, picnic style.
Feeding the Divine
The End