Friday, April 12, 2013

Translating İstanbul

It's Friday night and this is what I do to amuse myself. İstanbul translated.

Beşiktaş = Best game in Tash.

Yıldız = Get up that hilldız and you'll see them yıldız.

Fulya = F-ya

Bomonti = BoMo

Taksim = Taksi (Taksi dude is our designated driver.)

Beyoğlu = Obey you - that's the current vibe.

Cihangir = D'you hang here? (I find it too full of itself.)

Galatasaray = Gotta lotta sorry.

Galata Tower = Gotta lotta tower. *Message me for the joke I didn't write here, NSFW.

Karaköy = Carry your (self down for some Namlı yum yum.) (Güllüoğlu too.)

Nişantaşı = Me-chi-chi-auntie-say

Çukurcuma = Cute kooky junka.

Sarıyer = Sorry you're here?

Cınaraltı = Six Sycamores (It's all gone with the wind or view from the bridge.)

Kuruçeşme = Could you text me? (When the band comes on?)

İstinye = Is it in ya?

Tarabya = Terribly far, ya.

Eminönü = Ms and Ö, Üs

Fatih = Faith

Balat = Buy lot (or buy now before it costs a lot.)

Kuzguncuk = Gesundheit (Thank you, Rich Altman for this one.)

Üsküdar = You skirt daring (at the knee.)

Acıbadem = Agita from the bottom (of my heart.)

Kartal = Cart y'all (We've got a metro!)

Fenerbahçe = (No f'in way, Ezgi and Tülin will kick my sweet, smart a$$.)

And this is what other people do on a Friday night.

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